Scriptura Reclinata by a visitor

Will you look at this! A visitor to my site has acquainted herself with one of my writing systems. That’s very uncommon and positively flattering. I think every conlanger/-scripter out there will recognize the utter rarity of someone actually using your creation without them being your mother or having been pity pressured into submission. I’m blushing!

Over Drabkikker

Dirk Bakker, geboren in de vorige eeuw, levend in de huidige.
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8 reacties op Scriptura Reclinata by a visitor

  1. Fusica zegt:

    Fabulous! Now for the lazy ones among us, who do not always have time to decipher your script, let alone to learn how to write it: wat staat er? Een huwelijksaanzoek?


  2. Chantal zegt:

    Thats me!!! I just saw your comment back to me. I am still using it everyday and have just started learning your Tree script too. I have directed several people to your page who are looking for a new and interesting forms of writing.

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    • Drabkikker zegt:

      That’s so nice to hear! I hope the instructions are decipherable? Most of it is in (weirdish) Dutch, so if you need any clarification, don’t hesitate to shout.


      • Chantal zegt:

        Google does a decent job of translating. I have done 20 or so word trees (though some long words look like bushes) and might embroider them for crafts (if that’s ok). Another friend is interested so she is learning it too. I only wish I was a better artist so my trees looked prettier haha.

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