Pret achter de schermen

Zoals sommigen onder u misschien weten doe ik zo af en toe aan het bijwerken van Wikipediapagina’s. (Hee, andere mensen verven hun poedels.) Het punt van Wikipedia is dat iedereen dat mag doen. Ook mensen die hun poedels verven. Nou, en een wereld waar je dan in verzeilt joh! Vergeleken bij sommige discussies achter de schermen (Het is friet! Nee, het is patat! Jongens, deze pagina gaat over het vorkje, kan dit ergens anders?) is het gemiddelde Youtubecommentaar bij nader inzien een toonbeeld van fijnzinnige geestesstabiliteit.


En natuurlijk mensen die denken dat het Oera Linda-boek echt is, of mensen die consistent alle voorkomens van Syriac vervangen door Assyrian – enfin, ik zal u er niet mee vervelen en me voor vandaag beperken tot de categorie ‘giebelende dertienjarigen’. Toen wij dertien waren moest je je onderbroekenhilariteit kwijt bij 06-nummers (zo, nu weet u meteen hoe oud ik aanstaande vrijdag word); dit is het hedendaagse equivalent. Aanschouw een selectie uit de recente edit-geschiedenis van de pagina Rainbow:

26-6-2015: A rainbow is an magical phenomenon from which baskets of gold are created, rainbows usually appear when a unicorn cries which releases the kraken and the Kraken eats a boat full of hippos which then get digested by the Kraken and the poo of the Kraken then dissolves in the water causing it to raise to the surface, then it flies up into the clouds, from which a rainbow is formed.

18-6-2015: rainbows are God’s darts

17-6-2015: yolo

16-6-2015: Rainbows are Jesus`farts.

15-6-2015: Rainbows are a beautiful sight to see!! Rainbows were created when a leprechaun lost his pot of gold. This leprechaun stepped 400 paces in one direction and then found a pot of gold. He then realized that his was not HIS pot of gold. He looked up and saw that there were a bunch of colors marking his path. He then remembered that he farted his whole way for the 400 paces (stupid beans!). His farts must have created a path of colors. This is how rainbows began!!!:)

13-6-2015: Image of the end of a rainbow in a butt crack it poos leprechauns

9-6-2015: Rainbows are assholes

2-6-2015: Rainbows is awesome can fix cataolog awassasssdf. I like weird al. I like casts. asfasdf rainbows mommy rainbows!!!

31-5-2015: A rainbow is Michael Clifford’s hair since that boy changes the color so damn much.


24-3-2015: My names jeff and its raining tacos

11-3-2015: Rainbows can be caused by many forms of airborne water and unicorns.


23-2-2015: Rainbows cannot be full circles, however, the average observer sees only an arcs formed by the eye of providence, the symbol of the illuminati, above the ground, and centred on a line from the sun to the observer’s mind’s eye.

13-2-2015: Rainbows are made of unicorns, sadness, loneliness, and bananas. They also remind me of how i should have worked on the farm with Ma and Pa. They are not very good, they are very sad.

7-2-2015: Rainbows come out of the ground and special animals that are in the ground these animals are magical and they blow on the treasure or make a spell on it and then the treasure begins to shine and sparkle and the colors appear!!!!!!!! Then the treasure chest gets moved from where it was over the rainbow and into where the other end of the rainbow is it takes 12 minutes for this to process and then the rainbow disappears!!!!!!

27-1-2015: Rainbows span a continuous spectrum of colours and peanut butter.

25-1-2015: i hate rainbows because they are bums and hane no color. dounuts are put in rainbows to keep them up.rainbows have 16161616161661166161616161616 colors bye . bruh this thing is so horrible noone use wikipidia.thank you for your time.:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

10-1-2015: Rainbows caused by sunlight always appear in the section of sky directly opposite the sun. And it is so cool! Santa is real and he is in Starbucks with Taylor Swift.

Update 6-7-2015, want we gaan gewoon door:

6-7-2015: If you poo when a rainbow is forming you poo will be twice the size. This is due to the climate change.

Update 14-7-2015, pomtiedom:

14-7-2015: Rainbows are one of lifes great mysteries. Man has no way to explain this phenomena. Supposedly caused by whales overeating krill.

Update 29-7-2015:

27-7-2015: The rainbow is the pathway to a mythical land. This land is called cloud ville. This is where the unicorns, fairys, mermaids, trolls, ect live. The only thing they eat is rainbow sherbert ice cream and cosmic brownies. The place is really fun. And take it from me, I’m a fairy …

28-7-2015: A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that is caused by a person called Ben

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