Maand: januari 2012


Ik ben eigenlijk nu pas een beetje aan het bedenken wat mijn goede voornemens voor 2012 worden. De voornaamste tot dusver is: dit jaar neem ik nu eindelijk echt een kat.

Ja ja ja, en een levensinvulling, ik weet het.

It happen to me yesterday and God had to remove three demons from me


Even voor de duidelijkheid. De NWO is de instelling die zo’n beetje al het wetenschappelijk onderzoek in Nederland financiert, waaronder het mijne. Helaas delen ze hun afkorting met die àndere organisatie die op wereldheerschappij uit is. Waarschijnlijk vandaar dat ik zojuist dit in mijn mail ontving.

For Immediate Release.

Strange Sounds Being heard Are Extremely Dangerous.

Those who fail to report this story are no better than the ones who are perpetrating this evil.

It is imperative that people wake up to what the NWO is now up to. The strange sounds that are being heard in many different parts of the world inclusive now of multiple locations in North America, are a full out Satanic assault of the most hideous kind.

These strange sounds are being utilized as a high tech form of mind control and mind manipulation upon the masses. The barrage of dis-harmonic sounds that were first utilized in Kiev back in September by the Russian Satanic Alliance, are now being used in many locations throughout North America. The interenet is also being used as a delivery mechanism as well. The purpose of these strange sounds are to cause people to become of a ‘hive mind’ through the simultaneous opening of the lower neurological centers that are tied to base human emotions such as sex, fear and dread.

The opening of these lower and primary nerve centers also creates doorways for massive demonic infiltration and possession. Furthermore it also creates a loosing of the soul where the soul is attached at the level of the lowest neurological centers at the base of the spine.

With the soul at loose attachment they are also seeking to drive some souls from their bodies in order to create a dissociative state where people can be turned into armies of automatons. According to recent prophetic revelations by our Saviour this is going to work on many people who are devoid of the light of God. Those of course, who are already lost in the sins of the flesh.

DO NOT watch the videos of that are currently going viral. Listening to these strange sounds to hear what they are like WILL OPEN YOU TO IMMEDIATE DEMONIC POSSESSION! It happen to me yesterday and God had to remove three demons from me. Do not be curious about these sounds they will harm you. If you live where these sounds are being heard, get ear protection immediately and do not listen to these sounds, it is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! Please help to share these warnings!

You can read more about this evil assault by the Satanic/Reptillian New World Order at Prophecies Org, it can be found in Book 12 Chapter 81 which was posted in September by prophet Linda Newkirk.

Here is The Prophecy!

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